The Khmer Kampuchea Krom Community

Kampuchea Krom is rich in history and civilized culture before the Vietnamese settlers arrived on the northern border with Champa Kingdom.

Kampuchea Krom is the oldest land in Southeast Asia.

The Khmers called this part of the Khmer Empire [Present day Kingdom of Cambodia], Kampuchea Krom. Kampuchea Krom is also known as Lower Cambodia, Mekong Delta, or Cochin China. The Khmer populations of this beautiful landscapes share the same race,
religion, national language, culture, custom, tradition, and great history as the Khmers in Cambodia. Kampuchea Krom is slightly smaller in size than her motherland, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Kampuchea Krom or Cochinchina becomes part of French Indochina on October 17, B.E.2431, A.D.1887.

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Kampuchea Krom is composed of 68,965 square kilometers (equivalent 26,628 square miles), 21 provinces and municipalities, two large islands - Koh Tral and Koh Tralach, 171 districts, 1,368 communes, 14,778 villages, more than 13 million Khmers, more than 567 Buddhist pagodas and more than 20,000 Theravada Buddhist monks.

99% of populations are Theravada Buddhists.

The Khmer kings, governments, regimes and citizens have never relinquish (give up) this part of their country to foreigners.

Kampuchea Krom has been under an ongoing colonial control since her division from motherland, Cambodia.

June 4, B.E.2493, A.D.1949 is the date that the Khmer Kampuchea Krom citizens grieve. The Khmer Kampuchea Krom people have organized Buddhist Service annually to honor the fallen Khmer Buddhist monks and heroes, who sacrificed their lives for Kampuchea Krom and Theravada Buddhism.

Colonial France divided, ceded and transferred Kampuchea Krom to colonial Vietnam on this date. The freedom of Khmer Kampuchea Krom has been mostly stripped by the Vietnamese ruling regimes and governments since. The French colonial administration committed injustice upon the more than 13 million Khmers of this beautiful fertile land.

Justice remains elusive for Cambodia, Kampuchea Krom and her citizens.

And...The struggle to regain freedom and human rights by the Khmers in Kampuchea Krom continues as long as injustice commits by the ruling Vietnamese regime(s) has not produced a fruitful result.

The followings are Khmer provincial, municipal and island names that the Vietnamese authorities have changed repeatedly.

1. Preah Trapeang province
Vietnam renamed to Tra Vinh
(Vinh Binh)
circa 1731, 1840 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

2. Khleang province
Vietnam renamed to Soc Trang
circa 1758, 1840 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

3. Mort Chrouk province
Vietnam renamed to Chau Doc
circa 1715, 1757 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

4. Kramuon Sor province
Vietnam renamed to Rach Gia
circa 1715, 1757, 1758 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

5. Pol Leav province
Vietnam renamed to Bac Lieu
circa 1840 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

6. Toek Khmau province
Vietnam renamed to Ca Mau
circa 1840 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

7. Peam Banteay Meas province
Vietnam renamed to Ha Tien
circa 1715 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

8. Prek Russey province
Vietnam renamed to Can Tho
circa 1758, 1840 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

9. Long Hor province
Vietnam renamed to Vinh Long
circa 1731 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

10. Peam Barach province
Vietnam renamed to Long Xuyen
circa 1715, 1731 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

11. Raung Domrei province
Vietnam renamed to Tay Ninh
circa 1770 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

12. Prey Nokor city
Vietnam renamed to Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon)
circa 1696 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

13. Tuol Tamoak province
Vietnam renamed to Thu Du Mot
circa 1696 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

14. Phsar Dek province
Vietnam renamed to Sadec
circa 1757 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

15. Changva Trapeang Sraka Trey province
Vietnam renamed to Bien Hoa
circa 1651 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

16. Me Sor province
Vietnam renamed to My Tho
circa 1731 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

17. Preah Suorkea province
Vietnam renamed to Baria
circa 1651 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

18. Koh Koang province
Vietnam renamed to Go Cong
circa 1731 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

19. Kampong Russey province
Vietnam renamed to Ben Tre
circa 1732 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

20. Kampong Kou province (New name)
Vietnam renamed to Tan An
circa 1669 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

21. O Kab province
Vietnam renamed to Vung Tau
circa 1651 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

22. Koh Tralach (Tralach Island)
Vietnam renamed to Con Dao (Con Son)
circa 1765 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

23. Koh Tral (Tral Island)
Vietnam renamed to Phu Quoc island
circa 1939 Vietnamese encroached and conquered

Koh Tral Island has an area of 593.05 square kilometers (228.98 square miles); 50 kilometers (31 miles) long and 25 kilometers (16 mi) wide. The island physically is located closest to Cambodia's Kep seaside city. Visitors can see Koh Tral Island from the coastline of Kep. It is about a 30-minute motorized boat ride.



Map 1


Map 2

Can you visualize the location of O Keo (or Viet-namized sound as
Oc Eo)?




An aerial view of the Mekong Delta or Kampuchea Krom, where more than
13 millions indigenous Khmers still live there in their ancestors' home.
Far left is Koh Tral island.




Remember Khmer Kampuchea Krom Heroes, Buddhist Monks, and patriotic
Compatriots for their
brave acts in defending, protecting and guarding their Nation,
Theravada Buddhism, and Liberty.

Please visit Kampuchea Krom History page for details.

December 11, 2003 Royal Letter to Sen. Thach Setha
The King of Kingdom of Cambodia, His Majesty Norodom Sihanouk replies to Senator Thach Setha's
12/08/2003 letter. King Norodom Sihanouk proclaims that the kings of the Kingdom of Cambodia,
sequentially, and Norodom Sihanouk never once give territories of motherland Kampuchea not even
one arm's length to Vietnam, Thailand, or Laos. In any eras, the countries of Vietnam, Thailand, and
Laos never have any gratitudes upon the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the Khmer kings and Norodom
Sihanouk never commit [national] treason against the Nation, Citizens and motherland Kampuchea
even once.


Map of Kampuchea and Kampuchea Krom

Wed the 4th Waning Moon of Sāvaṇa BE2559, September 2, AD2015 Year of the Goat
Courtesy USaid & NASA

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