Khmer Krom Quote,"No suffering is greater than the loss of Kampuchea Krom
and becoming an ethnic minority on their own land."




Gov. Son Kuy is the Khmer Hero.




Khmer Krom, Khmer Kandal, and Khmer Loeur are Khmers.




The Khmers remember good deeds of what you'd done for Cambodia,
not how you lived




[Even] in death, Name is Immortal, in living Nationality is preserved and Defended at all cost.




No one loves Khmers than Khmers love Khmers.










The famed quotation of His Holiness Samdech Jotannano Chuon Nath.



The indigenous Khmers bravely fought and died in wars as Khmers.
The Vietnamese only died in names.

In the post-1949 transfer of Kampuchea Krom from Cambodia to Vietnam by France, the dead Khmers in wars have Vietnamese names as pronounced in this Khmer quote. English translation is a close meaning, not perfectly fitted in Khmer origin.









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